Dodge and Burn - Seraphina Madsen


Dodge and Burn - Seraphina Madsen


We were told that our mothers life was terminated by killer bees while vacationing in San Marcos, Mexico with Dr Vargas at his family home.

After her mother dies in bizarre circumstances, heiress Eugenie Lund is abducted by Dr Vargas, a charismatic Svengali-like figure who educates her according to his own philosophy, an esoteric blend of anthropology and psychiatry. Isolated from outside influences, Eugenies life is spent on the run across North America and Europe, existing on the fringes of society, always trying to keep one step ahead of her past. Taking in Mexico, Las Vegas, and the underground rave scene, Dodge and Burn is a psychedelic road trip recounted in beautifully crafted prose that pulses with frenetic energy

Inspired by the likes of Carlos Castaneda and Hunter S Thompson, this is an exciting, iconoclastic debut novel from a remarkable new voice.

'A graceful, droll and absorbing book, Madsen's nimble prose winds around your mind and heart, leaving you breathless.' Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals

'Seraphina's writing is vital, exciting and above all, original.' 'Dodge and Burn marks the arrival of an exciting new voice.'

'Madsen writes like a fallen angel from another world; intoxicating, strange, super-charged with occult knowledge and a mystical sensibility. Dodge and Burn is an unforgettable tour de force of avant-garde writing. You've never read anything quite like it.' James Miller, author of Lost Boys

'Mesmerising, episodic, full of wonder and very cool dialogue ('Let's hit the road, Terror'),Dodge and Burn is deeply committed to exploring the possibilities of language and describing unconventional experiences.' 3:AM Magazine


'Madsen s avant-garde debut is peppered with enchanting turns of phrase and her engrossing prose is as delightful as it feels effortless. Allow yourself to be transported.' Eclectic Magazine

'A highly amplified version of the painful injustices of childhood and our quest for deeper meaning in life ... a bold and imaginative debut from this new author and promising new press.'Lonesome Reader

'A wild and often bizarre ride.' Bookmunch

'A forage into magical realism and a truly extraordinary story that covers cities, continents, and even planes of existence.' Culturefly

'The absorbing narrative, impressive imagery, and plethora of memorable scenes make Dodge and Burn an enjoyable and compelling read - it is a surreal trip laden with wonderful research and convincing emotion.' The Lost Lighthouse

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